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Welcome to Dj Games is the #1 website for playing dj games online. Free dj games online are cool and highly addicting music mixing games and you can play them anytime, when you are bored at school, or even during your work, or just for fun. You can play all kinds of dj music games like virtual dj games, dj mixer games and dj party games. There are also some additional categories which are dance games, guitar games and piano games. All of these categories are music dj games online and you can experience the chance to become a dj, play with your turntables on a DJ Fest and entertain dancing crowds by mixing all kinds of musical instruments and dj music styles, chords and melodies on your turntable together into cool tracks! offers the widest selection of best dj hero games and fantasy dj games from around the Internet. Play the newest dj games or find out what dj games are the most played by others. Some of the disc jockey games are simple melody mixing games with easy mechanics where you can create your own custom song. These dj mixing games are dj games for kids, they are cool and addictive and you will have loads of fun playing them. Other dj games are challenging virtual dj games, with harder difficulty but realistic and addicting gameplay and you will have to show you best musical djing skills to complete them! Enter your virtual dj studio, play these dj games online and become a dj hero in no time! This is your chance to be a dj star without spending any money on an expensive dj equipments like LPs, dj mixer and turntables, headphones and speakers!

A DJ or a Disc Jockey is a person who plays music for an audience. A DJ plays the music in different venues such as nightclubs, bars, dance festivals, stadiums etc. There are also Radio DJs who play music in a studio that is broadcast on AM or FM radio stations. They play different styles of music from rap and hip hop to electronic music and techno. A DJ has many equipments such as DJ turntables or CDJ, laptop, mixer, headphones, speakers and many more!

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